Jewish Timisoara. Live online guided tour of Fabric District

We continue our series of online tours to make it easier for you to stay at home, in safety, to wait and plan for better times ahead. This time our next stop is the Fabric District in Timisoara, an old part of the city with a rich Jewish legacy, in an online virtual guided tour – broadcasted live here on our webpage and our Facebook page.
Travel to Live travel company together with Timisoara City Tours and our special guest and friend Getta Neumann, are inviting you to listen to emotional stories about people and places, to imagine Jewish life centuries ago and to admire the jewel of Timisoara’s Jewish heritage, Lipot Baumhorn’s legacy: the Fabric Synagogue
on Sunday December 13, 
15:00 EEST (Romania, Israel)
14:00 CET (Central Europe)
08:00 EST (New York)
on our webpage and Facebook page.


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