About Us

Statistically at least one of your friends has roots in Romania.

Transylvania and Banat. Lands closer than you think. Timisoara, Oradea, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Sighet. Western Romania. Only 3 hours from TLV airport.

People, culture, nature, heritage, history.

Visit, see, feel, relax, engage, live. We create the experiences. For you.

“Travel to Live” is more than our name, it’s our way of life.

Travelling is essential to living. Sometimes tiresome sometimes fun, travelling opens up our mind and spirit, creates new perspectives, changes our mindsets. 

New friends, unique happenings and leaving our comfort zone, shape the way we see the world. New smells and tastes, new sounds and words, the stories and the music, open up imagination and allow us to discover people, cultures and other worlds. 

Who we become is shaped by our experiences, by our voyages. Let’s travel to live!

T2L Team

I am here to make sure you will come back


I am here to make sure you will remember


I am here to make sure you will come with us

We create experiences. We build memories. For you.

Like the old Chinese used to say “Don’t believe what they say, go see for yourself!”

We also like sunbathing, swimming in the sea and recharging vacations. But for now we want to take you somewhere else. 

Are you ready for new places? For new people with their different cultures and traditions? 

How about walking astonished all day long? Climbing hills or stairs, hearing the water or the voices of strangers, listening to stories or telling yours? 


Are you ready to explore, to discover, to engage with places others are only talking about?

Are you ready to come with us?

Hurry up, we’re almost on the way…